Mark XVII IWC Replica Watch

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On the path toward the current Mark XVII, the case gained 2 mm in size, now measuring 41 mm across, while the case shape and the appearance of the dial stayed basically the same. Unfortunately, only basically, since the addition of the elongated date window with its red arrow pointer meant that IWC Fake Watches abandoned the clean functionality of its earlier models. The new display is a design element that introduces an additional color to the dial, with the red triangle, but it does little else to contribute to the famous model series.

IWC replica watch front view

It seems like the way of IWC not to use too many colors when making their watches and this one is just black and silver/white. The IWC mark XVII replica has a black bezel unlike the stainless steel one on the original lending more to the dual toned nature of the watch. The crown is ion plated black as well in the replica unlike the stainless steel finish in the original. In fact, these are the only differences I can tell between the two watches.

IWC replica watch angled view

The dial doesn’t seem to have too many things going on. The IWC replica watch has only a date window but it is quite a nice looking one. The date window doesn’t only display the day’s date but lets you see yesterday’s date and tomorrow’s date. It’s a bit of a useless feature when you really think about it but it really looks good and who can argue with that. There’s a red arrow pointing to the current date in case you get confused. That’s also quite useless but also looks good on the watch.

IWC replica watch unboxed

I promised you something special about this IWC replica watch and while you may have guessed correctly that it has an automatic movement, you probably wouldn’t have guessed that it is of the Swiss ETA variety. That’s certainly a rarity in the world of replica watches and that makes this IWC replica watch one of the best IWC replica watches available as far as this IWC replica review is concerned. As always, I say the appreciable differences when it comes to the movement in a watch is not something to lose sleep over. They are actually all the same as far as a watch’s use for the average person.


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